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New WordPress Theme!

What do you think?

After a whole lot of looking, I couldn’t find a theme that was both responsive and had three columns, and locked one of those columns to the width of ads. Best workaround I could figure out was using @media every 100 pixels to approximate the behavior I wanted. Not responsive, per se, but it works.

Didn’t have huge problems with IE this time. (Why must every web site take a long time, and then take twice as long to get it to work the same way in IE? When can we finally just get everyone in the world to stop using that browser?) Just had double scrollbars showing up, which went away when I changed min-height to height. Who knew?

Anyway, it feels like cheating, but this seemed like the best way to approximate the behavior I was looking for. If anyone has found better solutions, let us know!

22. June 2012 by DigitalDeron
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