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I’m Published!

I am now in possession of a copy of Audition Monologues for Young Women #2, from Meriwether Publishing.  Guess who has two thumbs and can be found featured on page 18.  This guy! Thanks to this very blog, my serial killer monologue … Continue reading

22. March 2014 by DigitalDeron
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Comedic/Dramatic Monologue for Women (20s-30s): The Grey Bride

This monologue was a request from Heidi Loveridge, a London-based actress coming to the U.S. for a round of auditions. She asked for something “really funny, really contemporary, and even a bit stupid, then turns into something that brings it … Continue reading

04. February 2013 by DigitalDeron
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Comedy monologue for women (20s – 40s): Stare Master

There have been several requests for shorter monologues. So here’s my attempt at something you can perform in about a minute. I try to be the kind of writer who gives an actor room to play. It’s risky; my writing … Continue reading

11. October 2011 by DigitalDeron
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Comedy/Romance monologue for women (20s to 30s): Ultra-romantic

A while back, I got a request from an actress named Daisy Faith for a new monologue. She was auditioning for a reality show on which the grand prize was a role in a sitcom. Daisy asked for a female … Continue reading

29. August 2011 by DigitalDeron
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Six Feet Even: My monologue turned short film

Sometimes blogging bears fruit. For example, Mary Musolino and Pete Stiles (from Australia!!!) worked with Gatecrasher Media to adapt of my monologues into this short film. Enjoy.

19. March 2011 by DigitalDeron
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Comedy monologue for women (20s – 50s): Serial Killer PUBLISHED!

I was lucky enough to encounter a fun and challenging writing exercise this weekend. A woman named Jenni was going to audition for a musical comedy. She had her song picked out (nothing less than some JOURNEY, believe it or not…) … Continue reading

03. October 2007 by DigitalDeron
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Comedy monologue for women (20s – 50s): Super Spy

Here’s the piece that started me down the path of posting the occasional monologue to this blog.  The talented Arnica Skulstad Laurice did the first ever proto-sketch for brevityTV.  When we held formal auditions for group membership, I asked her to try … Continue reading

06. June 2007 by DigitalDeron
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