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Eat Fresh. Eat three times the mustard.

Dear Subway,

Please change your mustard policy.

Yeah, okay, there are likely more valuable things I could be doing with my time, but man this bugs me.

A sandwich with a zig-zag

It’s just common sense

Mustard up the middle

This is no way to make a sam’ich.

At the culmination of my sandwich order, I’m asked if I want any condiments. I say mustard. Without fail, the “Sandwich Artist” will then run the dispenser up and down the length of the sandwich several times. But only in the center. The result is that the middle third of the sandwich has about three times the mustard one might hope to receive, while each third of the sandwich on either side of that has none:

I’ve asked. They’re trained to do it that way, a Sandwich Artist once lamented to me. The implication was that even if he wanted to, he was not allowed to dispense the mustard differently. Sandwich artist indeed. The fix – since my sandwich is being prepared live – is to request the mustard be applied “in a zig-zag.” But should I have to?

My suspicion is the technique is a throwback to the old version of your sandwich, in which a trench was carved from the center of the bread, all items place in the middle, with the bread then placed back on kind of like a lid. In this context, several stripes up the middle might make sense, because I’m essentially forced to take one big bite off the end, unless I want bites with nothing but bread. But you haven’t done it this way since the 90s…

Am I missing something? Please give me a little mustard in every bite.


Readers: Who remembers the old way? Am I wrong that the current mustard technique is ridonkulous?

26. February 2015 by DigitalDeron
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  1. Being a sandwich artist myself, I can assure you that all subways put ALL sauces on this way. But I can assure you that if you request them to put it on this way they deffinately will not have a problem with it. Thanks.

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