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I write myself the best notes

Tonight’s mission is to go through all the little scraps and scribbles in dozens of notebooks, and organize them into useful, cloud-housed documents.

In the attempt to keep the creativity flowing and the productivity materializing, I’m constantly jotting thoughts.  Sometimes they go on a post-it, then into my pocket, to make it to my desk that night and get integrated into a project, or crossed off the to-do list.  Other times they wind up on a napkin tucked into a little notebook in a shoebox under the bed.

A few years later, without context, some of those notes are pretty random.  I can’t necessarily even tell any more what was a story idea and what was a to-do list.  Do please let me know if you think you can decipher any of these, my favorite,  now context-less scribbles to myself:

  • “Get heads lined and floating”
  • “mythical state of Jefferson LA Michael Bell Gina tennis shoes”
  • “Why though?  Doesn’t make sense?” (This was on a page with a sketch of a tree and a skyscraper, and an arrow pointing back and forth between the two.)
  • “MIBYKaI: bugs start mating, kids think they’re fighting.”
  • “Black Coffe, Robe, contracts, ref. pic.”
  • “Mission statement… in bed.”
  • “Frozen Angry Face |  Frozen Angry Face | Norma Desmon to the camera | Frozen Angry Face”

and my favorite:

  • “investigate jetpack options”

01. June 2013 by DigitalDeron
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