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Entertainment Artists: Organization, balance, juggling… HELP!

disorganization Entertainment Artists: Organization, balance, juggling... HELP!What do you use to stay organized?

I get through most personal/professional time constraint logjams with a smile and the saying, “you could always sleep less!”

But the fact is, no, there comes a point when you actually cannot sleep any less.

So… I’m throwing it out there to the hive mind.  What do you do to keep organized?

At this point, I blog on three sites, curate a third, and oversee video production for two more.  None of this is the day job.  It means trying to keep two YouTube channels (eventually), five Twitter IDs, and three or four Facebook pages all active.  Then there’s maybe 20 email addresses.  Meanwhile, I should be trying to use StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, all the various video networks… you name it.  Feels like there’s a new social network to leverage every other morning, and a dozen blogs to follow in order to keep track of the opportunities.

I can tell you what I’m not looking for here: any kind of “ten tips to keep you blah blah blah” blog post.  Nor a collection of “The best apps to manage yadda yadda.”  Instead, I’m looking for that one, silver bullet organization tip that truly changed your life by allowing you to sail above the clutter and master it all.  Does such a thing exist?

In addition to managing all the identities, I still need a really useful way to manage all the to-do list items, for myself and for my teammates.  I have a desktop, a laptop, a phone, and a pile of notebooks. I’m looking for the one magical solution that I can use as the place to keep my to-do items that will work for me always, no matter where I am or what technology I have at my side.  Any ideas?


12. September 2011 by DigitalDeron
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