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comments welcomeThose of you who follow via RSS will have to click through to see what I’m talking about, but I just added this swell plug-in to the right sidebar, tracking the leading providers of feedback to this site. After all, you don’t want to hear to just the opinion of ScreenwriterGuy and ScreenwriterGuy alone as to the top ten Norwegian cinematographers under 40, do you? Heck no. This is a dialogue, peoples. So let me hear what you have to say.As of this posting, it’s MaxVonMayerling who has contributed the most, with 14 comments in this blog’s prodigious 6-month history. Are you going to let him get away with that?

29. April 2007 by DigitalDeron
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  1. And now I’ve left 15. Mwahahahaha!!!

  2. OK, you got it, I’ll stop lurking. 😉 I’ve been subscribed to your blog for about two months now. I like the way you write! But do you realize that you use Buffy as an example in nearly every post? 🙂

  3. Like that time Buffy went to the RenFest. In the Bahamas.

  4. OK, not EVERY post. But definitely in the ones that are about writing. 😉 See, there’s even something new this morning in the character death posting that’s all Buffy this and Buffy that. 🙂 I’ve seen Buffy a couple of times, and it was OK, but why is it that people who are into it are SO into it??? 😉

  5. Man, Kimberly hates me now.

  6. And so Aaron climbs slowly up the list of top commentators. 😉

    Kimberly, I’m totally guilty. I reference Buffy a lot. But it comes down to the fact that I feel liek that show got a whole lot of things right when it came to creating a world and commenting on societal and psychological aspects of humanity through the characters in that world. Plus, there were vampires.

    Did you notice that you use emoticons in all of your comments? 😉

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