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Television Samples

Why hello there, influential producer, agent, or manager! (It’s more fun for me if I assume that’s who you are.)  Looked around the site and decided you’d like to see more of my work?  No problem, just contact me, and I’ll send over your choice of projects.  Then we can get me staffed, and make you tons of money together.

spec episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Zatanna Repulsion”
1st place 2015 Scriptapalooza TV competition
Penny gets a shot at a role in a comic book movie adaptation, but Sheldon thinks she’s all wrong for the part and strives to stop her from auditioning.

#soulmate (pilot)
Blacklist recommended
When the last of his college friends gets married, a control freak decides to find his future wife by starting a dating vlog, despite tempting opposition from his female wingman.

spec episode of The League, “Arbitration”
semifinalist NBC Writers on the Verge
Ruxin does the legal paperwork to formalize the ‘Chalupa Batman’ baby name, prompting Kevin to invoke arbitration–even though it suspends all League play. Meanwhile, Pete’s new girlfriend is also Andre’s new therapist.

newest pilot
Against the backdrop of a soul-sucking mega-corporation that makes those annoying Facebook games, a cynical midlifer and a ragtag group of coworkers pool their hidden talents and take a shot at success as a rock band.