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Sketches & Shorts

Welcome to DigitalDeron’s sketches and shorts collection.  Since so many people have been checking out the monologue page, I thought I would also offer up some scenes.

Up-and-coming directors, producers, etc., if you need a script to show of your skills, most of these were written with an ability to be produced cheaply in mind, focused mostly on getting the maximum out of your actors and timing, but still with a cool moment or three where you can create some excellent visuals.

All scripts here are unproduced.  Scripts are NOT public domain, but if you’re not making money off of your production, you don’t have to pay me.   If you are interested, please contact me to make arrangements.

Adobe_Acrobat_Pro_PDF  “Twote the Raven
production difficulty: ***
pages: 3 (prose)
A play on Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven,” set against corporate America in the social media age.  (Forgive the unconventional formatting; it’s meant to help clarify who’s speaking.)
Mostly office setting. Conference rooms. Voiceover and synched speech.

Adobe_Acrobat_Pro_PDF  “The Proposal
production difficulty: *
pages: 2.5
New tenants try to get the handyman to join them in Old World customs.
Child actor.  Accents & costumes.

Adobe_Acrobat_Pro_PDF  “Bla-dow
production difficulty: ***
pages: 2.5
It’s terrible when the most annoying guy at the office is also outperforming you.
Gregarious character. Playful montage sequence. One special effect.

Adobe_Acrobat_Pro_PDF  “Unhappily
production difficulty: **
pages:  2.5
A scholarly man doesn’t know when to shut up about his knowledge of folklore.
Simple restaurant scene.  Suggestive content.

Adobe_Acrobat_Pro_PDF  “What Jim needs
production difficulty: *
pages: 1.5
Just a running set-up with a bit of a joke-y ending.
Super simple. Two dudes on a couch.

Adobe_Acrobat_Pro_PDF  “Butt Doubling
production difficulty: **
pages: 3 (stage formatting)
A woman finds an unusual method of revenge against a diva.
I love this concept.  Could be as simple as desired, or could get extravagant.