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Welcome to DigitalDeron’s monologue project, begun when an actress balked at doing an upcoming audition with me because she could never find a good monologue.  I’d heard the complaint many times, that there’s a dearth of material that lets women show off comedy skills.  I told her I’d made the offer to many actors before that if they told me what kind of character they’ve always wanted to play, I would writ them something to show them off.  No one ever takes me up on it.  Easier to complain, I guess.  But she DID; she said “superhero or spy.”  I wrote something for her, and I posted it here just in case people were out there googling “comedic female monologue.”

Turns out, there are a lot.  The monologues now bring in, by far, the greatest percentage of traffic to my web site.  (I’d complain, but hey, it IS people checking out my writing, which is the whole point.)  So I’ve started posting things here every so often, in case it helps, and also writing new ones for people who offer up a cool challenge.

WARNING: Some auditioners will simply want you to select any piece that best helps you show of your talent.  Others will insist you audition with a selection from a produced/published work.  Make sure you investigate before-hand.  All but one of the below are unpublished.

If you want to audition with one of my monologues…
First off, copyright to me, all rights reserved. (There. Now if anyone steals something and turns it into a blockbuster movie, I can sue for PUNITIVE damages, too. Woohoo!) These works are NOT released to public domain. However, I grant you permission to use any of these, for audition purposes only, on the condition that you come back AFTER the audition leave a comment on that particular monologue, letting everyone know how your audition went.  Please note, you are welcome to cut lines from  any piece per your need, but you DO NOT have my permission to make any rewrites or changes.

If you need my full name…
You’ll find my name in the copyright notice at the end of any brevityTV video.  It rhymes with “Blarin’ Ready.”  Please do not email me asking my name.

If you need the name for a monologue?
Give it any title you like. Make sure you read the above warning about auditioning with something unpublished.

If you want to use a monologue in a show, post your reading to YouTube, turn it to a short film, etc….
Please contact me and explain the situation, and I’ll most likely say go for it.)

If you want me to write you a monologue…
I will occasionally write a new piece on request. NO PROMISES, but feel free to ask. Given the volume, I can’t guarantee a response. I recommend not coming at me with a short deadline.  Also, please ask for something specific. This all started from someone requesting a super spy‘s POV, and the one that got published was from someone requesting a serial killer.  The more you can tell me about what you want, or about what aspects of your performance style you want to accentuate, the better I’ll help you out.  Don’t just say “I’d love something funny.”

OK, here they are…


  • Comedic/Dramatic Monologue for Women (20s-30s): The Grey Bride
  • Comedy monologue for women (20s – 40s): Stare Master
  • Comedy/Romance monologue for women (20s to 30s): Ultra-romantic
  • Comedy scene for two women (20s to 40s): Dirty Talk (risqué)
  • Comedy monologue for women (20s – 50s): Serial Killer PUBLISHED!
  • Comedy monologue for women (20s – 50s): Super Spy