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Breathing some new life into the ol’ blog

Greetings, fair reader! In an effort to make myself more hire-able as a writer, I’ve been trying to refine a personal brand. (Roll your eyes if you must, and I won’t blame you, but a the end of the day it helps a lot to communicate who you are, and that helps people see the value in staffing you.) I don’t have the quick pitch version ready yet, but it’s something like “nerd who writes.” I want to communicate that I’m a writer-producer with a background in engineering. I embrace the geeky and the techie, but thrive where that overlaps with the artsy.

As part of this update, DigitalDeron.com has been getting a fresh coat of digital paint. I’m nearly finished. Here are some of the changes:

  • I updated my colors a little. There’s more purple and green. It’s not a very 2015 look, but it feels connected to the Pacific Northwest, so I’m good with that.
  • I added the circuitboard imagery in the upper left, and the zeroes and ones below it, to give a quicker visual impression of “digital.”
  • But then I also added the camera and the stack of screenplays at the feet of the DigitalDeron avatar, so help convey at a glance that I’m a videomaker.
  • I added the zeroes and ones pattern that fades in as you scroll down the page. Cuz… it’s cool.
  • I’ve adopted colored carbon fiber texture as a signature design element, echoed at brevityTV.com and on my new business cards.
  • I’m un-publishing all of the new show reviews I’ve posted here. This is sort of a candy-ass move, in my opinion, but I also think it’s possible that I might meet someone in town who would decide not to hire me because I slammed their last show. Not super likely, but why take the chance? (Unfortunately, most of what I’ve published for the last several years has been new show reviews…)
  • I re-did the advertisements, especially on the pages that show monologues. They’re they highest-traffic locations on the site, and I can pretty much assume that their audience is a niche: young, female, and interested in performing arts. I’ve started advertising make-up, acting guides, modeling web sites, shoes, etc.
  • I’m going to need to re-do a lot of my stock images. I finally let screenwriterguy.com lapse, and didn’t realize that many of my site images were housed there.
  • Since the whole point of blog posts is to start conversations, I’ll be ending them from now on with some questions to the reader. Like this:

Readers: What do you think of the new look? Am I wrong to un-publish reviews? Does my personal brand come across?

12. February 2015 by DigitalDeron
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  1. First, thanks for mankig this great website! Your tutorial about CSS and HTML are so easy to understand, it’s a pleasure to read them.I have a question. Before finding this website, I actually didn’t know that you could use the pre-installed notepad in Windows as a code editor. So my question is how far can you use the notepad to make your own website? Would it be nessecarry to find a more advanced editor like edit++ to make website which can be launced? What’s the limit of notepad?

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