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A New Strategy: The Table Read

Fat Guy, Hot Wife
has been getting some attention!

Here’s the backstory: this summer I attended an alumni event for folks in the entertainment industry, and one of the guys I met there asked me to punch up a script that he and his writing partner had created. I did, they liked it, they asked for samples, I sent them, I heard nothing. When I finished FGHW, I e-mailed it as another writing sample, just because. Suddenly they wanted to meet ASAP. They were working on converting their script to a sitcom pilot, and wanted to meet with me about the idea. I think I had reminded them I was out there. Long story short, we’ve been working on that project, and it’s going well. I enjoy working with both of these guys, and when we work together, pages come out fast.

Meanwhile, when I met the second fellow, I pitched FGHW, just as part of introducing myself. He made an off-handed comment that we should shoot it. I wasn’t sure how seriously he meant it; people in L.A. say a lot of things. But he brought it up again later, so I sent him the script, mentioning that I was contemplating doing a reading (I sorta was) and meanwhile he was perfect for one of the parts.

We had lunch today, having a good talk about co-producing a reading. See, this guy–we’ll pretend that his name is Seth–has been acting since he was quite young. Among other things, he was a series regular for four years on a network drama. He has launched a production company, partly, I’m guessing, to create vehicles for himself.

Our goal is a small, private reading. We get experienced TV actors to read, invite a handful of industry, and see what happens. Neat. One of the cool aspects of working with someone like Seth is that when I suggest an actor (just by going through IMDb looking for people who fit types), he has a tendency to know someone who knows that person, or be friends with her himself. This is a cool new level for me.

26. October 2006 by DigitalDeron
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