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4 Reasons Why Movies Should Lose the 4th D

This is a guest post. Stephanie Cable is a movie and pop culture nerd from Salt Lake City and writes regularly for

Thanks to the technological boom of past decade, Americans are nowaccustomed to constant stimulation. We can have the Internet at our fingertips 24/7 through our tablets, e-readers, smartphones and iPods. When we want to relax, we turn on our 3-D and HD TVS, play our high- tech video games, or go see an IMAX and/or 3-D movie. It is no surprise that the CJ Group plans to take the stimulation to the next level by opening over 200 4-D movie theaters in the U.S. over the next few years.

While we like our stimulation, this new movie experience may be taking it a bit too far. As Americans, westill love a good bargain, our freedom and our movie snacks. This new movie experience hinges on those factors in a big way. Here’s a breakdown as to why our movies are better off without the 4th D.


The average price for a family of four to attend a movie without refreshments is now a whopping $32. If the movie is in 3-D add another $3-$5 for each person. A 4-D feature requires as much as an additional $8 a person. That brings the cost for an average family of four to nearly $70 to see one movie. Going to the movies went from a weekly family tradition to a luxury about 15 years ago. If 4-D movies with their hefty price tag become the norm, families will be lucky to see a show once or twice a year!


Like it or not, we are a sue-happy country; remember the lady who won thousands of dollars for her hot coffee beverage being too hot? These 4-D movies are lawsuit heaven for greedy Americans. A scented mist that bothers someone’s allergies, a back tickle so rough it caused an injury, a strobe light that caused a seizure, a loud sound that caused someone to jump and the list continues. Not to mention the countless racket of people screaming “I’m gonna’ sue!” throughout the entire film. Not how I want to enjoy my $20 feature.

Concession Interruption

Part of the fun of going to the movies for most Americans is grabbing a favorite snack. Whether it’s buttered popcorn, candy, pretzel bites, ice cream or nachos, the stands now have something for everyone. Of course, the snack must also be paired with your favorite beverage to make it complete.The 4-D movie experience will totally take the joy out of this yummy tradition. When you eat something, especially something as indulgent as a movie snack, you utilize all of your senses. The same senses that the 4-D experience also wants to stimulate. Picture this: You are ready to take a sip of your icy cola or piping hot coffee and your seat starts to shake; causing you to spill your drink all over yourself and the person next to you. Or, you are ready to take a big bite of that delicious smelling buttery popcorn (that you just paid $10 for) and the theater suddenly begins to smell of dog poop, making you totally lose your appetite—both for your snacks and the film.

Sensory freedom

4-dimensional movie experience--peww

With the recent technological boom and the monotony of the daily grind, most of us find little opportunity to use our imagination. I enjoy the rare chance, while taking in a movie, to imagine for myself what it feels like to be in that racing car, or smell the pie sitting in the window, or experience a cold splash of water in my face. I don’t think I want to sit numbly while all these experiences are stimulated for me. It’s no wonder we’ve adapted a new obsession for zombies.

Call me old-fashioned, but all I need for a great night at the movies is a dark theater an interesting plot, a delicious tub of popcorn, a cold beverage, and a cushioned chair. If I want a ride this wild (and costly,) I’ll head to an amusement park, which just may be where the 4-D experience belongs.


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