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What’s shaking lately

We had an earthquake Friday night, the second one recently. Neither was huge, but both were big enough that everyone noticed them.

earthquakeI follow this Twitter channel.  It’s called LA QuakeBot (@earthquakesLA.)  It posts a tweet every time that USGS registers an earthquake, so that’s including low-magnitude ones that you wouldn’t feel if you stood right on top of them. Normally it’s just a cute thing to have in your Twitter stream.  It’s a quick answer in this conversation:  “Hey, was that a quake? No, don’t be dumb. Hey, yeah, it was, a 2.7 in Tarzana! Huh, go figure.”

Lately, though, it won’t shut up. By my quick count:

Date range # earthquakes tweeted
Feb 28 – Mar 6 24
Mar 7 – Mar 13 23
Mar 14 – Mar 20 45
Mar 21 – Mar 27 22
Friday, March 28th 62
Saturday, March 29th 67

And today’s on a similar pace.

I’m no fan of the way local news starts talking about “the Big One” every time a quake hits (here’s a story that will scare you, Los Angeles), but sheesh…

Just in case:

Meanwhile, I’m switching to @bigQuakesLA.  It only tracks the 3.5 and aboves.

30. March 2014 by DigitalDeron
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