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Storm of the CENTURY!!!

It’s raining this morning.

Los Angeles is hilarious in the rain.

The local news will run teasers all day.  “What’s with all this rain, and WHEN will it finally END?  Details at 11!”

(To mock evenly, Seattle is the same way about snow.)

People change their plans.  “I know we were supposed to do lunch today, but I don’t know… with all this RAIN….”

You can go to the grocery story during peak hours but there are no lines.

It’s even funnier if the rain happens a second day: “Uhhgh, seriously… Rain AGAIN?!”

I love it.  When in rains in L.A., not only can you move about freely, but  the city finally smells nice.  Here’s hoping this unbelievable, ungodly deluge of a sprinkle sticks around for a few days.

05. October 2011 by DigitalDeron
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