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How to RSVP if you work in entertainment

1337577_wine_swirlNice person: “Hi all, I’m having a party.  Please come.”

Los Angeleno response: “I will definitely probably try to swing by for a bit.”

Brilliant move, aspiring Tarantino!  You have reassured me that you are sooooooooo busy.  (You must be important! ) And you’ve reminded me that if you show up, I will be very lucky!  And, of course, you’ve cemented the fact that if I should be so lucky, you will need to leave quickly, because you have other places to be, because, again, you are sooooooooo busy!  (And sooooooooo important.)

Just so you know, here’s how the rest of the country responds: Yes.  Or, perhaps: No.  While nowhere near so cool, either of these answers allows the inviter to know how many deviled eggs to make.

17. May 2013 by DigitalDeron
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Comments (3)

  1. Yay! I will try to stop by, but might have to leave a little early. Haha! Juuuuust Kiiiiding!! I’ll be there! =D

  2. Cannot make it brother! I will be out of town. Bummer!

  3. DaDa! Yes we are excited for you both, will share in a toast or three. Me plus 1

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