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3 Benefits Of Video Games

This is a guest post. Dan is a Professional Freelance writer based in Sydney, writing about all aspects of the natural world, specialising in conservation issues.

Thinking of cutting off your loved-ones or children from their video game systems? Well, don’t! Ever thought about what benefits they might be gaining from playing those games? The answers may surprise you. Are you afraid that your children may be playing too many video games in their spare time? This article is for you, then. Here we will discuss 3 benefits of gaming. These 3 benefits may seem strange, but they have been proven.

1.Video games help develop social and collaborative skills

Many video games, these days, are connected to the internet, allowing players to work together like never before. Quite a few of these games actually force players to cooperate together to unlock achievements, pass levels, or beat the game. This is especially true of many games that are directly connected to social networks, or require players to strategize together. Because of this, some researchers say that this is a great way for younger players to connect with peers in a low-stress way, and teach them to work better together. Even in a connected world, working together and collaboration is still a very important skill set in education, the professional world, and in building successful relationships.

2.Video games can be help develop critical thinking skills

When players are challenged to solve puzzles, gather clues, spot differences, or figure out how to get to a goal through strategy in a video game, they are developing critical thinking skills. Some games are specifically made with this in mind, such as educational or brain-training games. Others are not specifically designed that way, but research has still proven that even in those situations, games are still a way to help players develop critical thinking skills. Many modern games can be very challenging, and even older players must seriously think about their strategies before starting to play the game, or they must try several different strategies, selected in a very short amount of time. As opposed to rote memorization of facts and processes, this can help to develop all-important critical thinking, which is very important in the real world, as well as academia.

3.Video games can teach skills and facts

A few video games are specifically targeted to those trying to learn new skills, like flying simulators. Due to the ever-increasingly realistic environments present in modern day video games, some agencies, like governmental ones, are now using video games to teach recruits. Other video games, such as those produced with a specific educational goal in-mind, can help kids to learn math, science, and grammar. All these video games can have practical applications in practicing different scholastic pursuits, helping in tutoring, boosting student confidence, or giving an already gifted student the ability to excel further. Using these types of video games requires little to no teaching skills, because the game is made with for the target audience of students.

These three benefits of video games are only some example. If you know how to play it wisely, then video games can be more useful than harmful.

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