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Networks: please color inside the lines!

I’ve complained before about oversized programming, but tonight’s example really pissed me off.

Pretty much the two network shows I’m most interested in seeing at the moment are The Office and Grey’s Anatomy. So it’s inconvenient that they’re on at the same time. But hey, the DVR can handle two programs at once, so at least I can watch everything, eventually.

Tonight I wanted to check out the new show Viva Laughlin. While The Office and Grey’s Anatomy are on at 9, Laughlin is on at 10. No problems, right? Yeah, except that The Office was scheduled to run until 10:01, and Grey’s was scheduled until 10:02. Just enough to keep the DVR from being able to handle it.

Probably a coincidence? Shyeah. Sudden respect for the needs of the storytellers? Not bloody likely. Where’s that extra minute when it comes time to decide how many commercials to run? No, they’re clearly just trying to trick us at this point. Not cool.

18. October 2007 by DigitalDeron
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  1. By missing Viva Laughlin you really dodged a bullet. I wish I hadn’t watched. The levels of embarrassment I feel for everyone involved in that show are so high that i’ll be blushing for days. It needs a mercy killing.

  2. I’ll have to second Nathan’s comment on Viva Laughlin… LOL.

    I don’t even know how I ended up watching it. Never heard of it before watching it and I only left it on because of the name… i.e., I couldn’t believe anyone would create a show around Laughlin, NV.

    Now I’ll bet they wish they hadn’t.


  3. Wow. I recorded it by hand on my DVR, and just caught up with it today. What a horrible show. The crappiest piece of crap that ever crapped.

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