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About Deron

Deron (at a cafe in Naples)Hello, I’m Deron.

Mine is the story of a farm boy from north of Seattle who moved to Hollywood to take over the world.  Like everyone you meet here, I have a few screenplays in the backseat of my car for you to read, and I want to be running my own TV show by, like, next year.  Meantime, digital media keeps me plenty busy.  I put together a team of 30+ of the best actors, writers, directors, editors, composers, producers, and shooters I could find, and we publish sketch comedy at brevityTV.com.

I pay the bills as what gets called an Information Architect, a User Experience Designer, or an Interface Designer, depending on the work location du jour.  That basically means I draw blueprints for big corporate web sites, keeping in mind usability factors.  Ever been to a web site that just feels wrong?  It’s my job to make sites not be like that.

At DigitalDeron.com I share writing, entertainment industry observations, social media insights, etc. This blog is the story of my adventures as I try to endure the Hollywood culture shock, absorb as much useful digital knowledge as possible from my advertising/marketing day job, and turn my group’s online video content into… Gold? Fame? A career in traditional media? I’m not really sure. Like I said, it’s an adventure. Come along.

I like avocados.